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Cotswold e-Care

Saving the planet...

Energy waste is big news! The government is committed to reducing CO2 emissions dramatically, and as part of this commitment, changes to building regulations has determined that new or replacement windows have to meet certain standards. Our e-care energy efficient window has been designed with this in mind. The e-Care window range stops heat from inside the home escaping, while allowing heat from the sun into the room: the result - savings on fuel bills and reduced energy waste.

A, B or C rated windows are all available if required!

Our high performance and thermally efficient windows are manufactured responsibly with the planet in mind. Optimising waste and recycling wherever possible.


Helping to build a better world
with energy rated windows...

Warm Edge Super Spacer

In the past standard windows fitted in our homes and offices feature metal bars separating the two panes of glass to make the unit. However, metal bars are highly conductive, resulting in heat loss and condensation - leading to problems for both you and the environment.

Super-Spacer is 950 times less conductive than standard aluminium spacer bars...

e-Care - Saving the Planet

Super-Spacer is a foam-based spacer bar and therefore is less conductive than standard metal spacer bars. This provides many positive advantages. At Cotswold we use super spacer as standard!

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