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An additional living space in perfect harmony with your home


As far from a bolt-on extra as you can imagine - it's an addition to the house that gives you lots more space that's useable 365 days a year.

Demands on our living arrangements are getting greater but with moving house not  being easy, maybe this is just the time to consider a  extension to provide that much wanted extra space. A playroom for the adults or the kids perhaps, dining room, living room or even bedroom? It's a much more economical solution than moving and certainly less disruptive both physically and socially. Rising prices, with a premium on space, make an extension a wise investment and a perfect solution to open-plan living as in most instances the physical barrier between the house and the extension can be removed.



   Downstairs - Games Room 

There are many basic designs of Cotswold  Extensions to choose from and all can be built using wall and roofing materials to complement or contrast with your home. And there are lots of other choices too!



   Upstairs - TV Room